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2S0X1 Supply Management EPR Examples

- Managed Document Control prgm; scanned/cleared XX audible documents--decreased delinquency rate to 1%

- Proficiently accounted for kit and shop stock items valued > $5M; kept balances accurate--enabled daily ATOs

- Led 13 prsnl; authored SOP/tm composition/daily work sched--increased productivity 35%/coined by Sq CC
- Hand-picked amongst peers; briefed AFCENT/CC & COMKAF on XXX ELRS retrograde msn--lauded by CC
- Validated 8 RH UTCs; id'd/shipped equip/assets valu'd at $92K--ensured Bagram AB $1.3M proj msn success
- Mng'd R-14/UTCs; tracked 5K items/$23M--retrograded 120/$592K and repostured 516/$221K across AOR
- Mng'd HAZMAT turn-in tm; dispo'd 710 items/11K lb HAZMAT valu'd $15K--zero Bio-Environment mishaps
- Coord'd SSA/ERT/DRMO turn-in; delivered 1.1M lbs/$3.5M excess equip/assets--spt’d Afghan #2 priority

- Led IUID initiative; staged $209M in eqpt/enabled marking of 12K assets <2 months--lauded by AF inspectors
- Flawless AFEMS oversight; tackled 150 config errors on 29 accts--zero findings during '11 LCAP inspection
- Corrected 40 eqpt balance errors; secured $28M in assets; redistributed/filled AF/wg shortages/saved $723K
- Resolved AETC eqpt shortages; coord'd w/ CEMO/redistributed $322K in assets--filled rqmts at three bases
- Revised eqpt briefing slides; aided 26 cmdrs on acct management--coined by sq CC/efforts lauded by FW/CC
- Pioneered eqpt round-up; scrutinized 143 accts/corrected 96 errors--100% authorizations inline w/ HQ AFMC
- Revamped EAE database; generated visibility of 154 accts/$200M in assets--slashed delinquent SAVs by 75%
- Oversaw 56/944 FW semiannual wpns inv; accounted for 1.2K wpns--enabled rapid deployment of vital asset
- Analyzed 22 COMSEC/wpn accts; id'd/fixed 25 invalid serial numbers--forged custody of $235K vital assets

- Orchestrated MESAA equip loan; resolved zero balance position on NDI test station--prevented work stoppage

- Oversaw $700K division vehicle fleet; managed 24 vehicles--ensured safety integrity/seamless msn readiness


- Orchestrated short-notice F-22 RSP kit deployment; 13 pallets val'd $2.4M ready w/in 48hrs--zero TSP delays
- Phenomenal IPE line; processed 154 C-1 Bags/prsnl w/in 1hr despite MICAS migration--46 sec avg line time
- Eval'd MICAP cause codes; increased MRSP kit levels by 4%--enabled 3.9K sorties/152 lbs mun expended
- Implemented QC procedures for flawed DIFM prgm; cleared 250 assets/zero rejects--bested ACC std by 50%
- Est'd 23 AMU fwd supply point; assets at the rdy--reduced MX red balls action by 25%/del time by 30 minutes
- Directed QC on >3K items; streamlined TNB/FOM storage procedures--rcv'd 100% QA pass rate on 22 insps
- Managed 3 MRSP kits val'd $96M; researched 2K line items for FY13 BLR--3 MXG postured for TSP tasking
- Drove supply effort Ex POLAR FORCE 12-7; generated 34K cargo short tons--100% accepted by EET <6 hrs
- Deployed 6 ship package for COMBAT HAMMER; execut'd robust procedures--aided 16/16 JDAM release rt
- Performed F-22 MRSP reconciliation; processed 200 transactions/moved $2M in property--zero discrepancies
- Mastered LOGMOD; populated cargo data/arranged trans supt for 34K lbs of cargo--100% JMC on time del
- Coord'd w/Boeing reps on MRSP shortages; expedited parts/filled shortages for TSP--averted 11 CANN act's
- Drove supply effort for TSP packout; gen'd up 12 ship cargo taskings/96% fill rt--enabled 437 sorties/523 hrs
- Led inventory schedule/re-design for MRSP; performed monthly inventories/$11M--maintained 96% fill rt
- Managed shelf-life prgm; conducted monthly check/implemented swapout plan w/HAZMART--deployment rdy
- Phenomenal ldr; directed movement of 1K ESS transactions--4 MRSP recons c/w 2 weeks early/no rejects
- Overhauled Kadena MRSP; LEAN'd layout/inv process--reduced MX del 20 min per trans/ aver't 9 red ba11s
- Keen attention to detail; id'd computer discrepancy for MRSP replenishment--prgm fixed/elimated 120 man hrs
- Hand-picked flt trng mngr; provided core task training/updated 13 prsnl--aided 100% on-time skill lvl upgrade


- Mastered TBA; researched regs/authored trng slides/plan for MRSP/IPE--aided sections 100% EOC pass rate
- University of Wayland student; took 6 cr hrs towards CCAF degree in "Logistics"--enhanced managerial roles
- Attended German language school; completed >40 hrs--utilized skills/mentored students at German Academy
- NCOA Class leader/aced academic crs; designed study plan layouts--garnered critical skills for SNCO duties


- Supt'd local United Through Reading expose; volunteered 27 hrs--1K families impacted thru recordings/books
- Vol't 8 hrs; mentored 10 toddlers during Dr. Suess reading wk; taught arts/crafts event--built group self-esteem
- Community minded; vol't 8 hrs at local church event; served 130 families/575 persnl; bolstered comm relations
- Vol't 36 hrs; crafted 1K care pckg's & del to AOR/raised $2K for local middle school--built youth playground


- Supervises one Airmen supporting logistics actions for 24 deployed/in-garrison RQ-4A/B, RD-2A, RD-2B sys
- Processes/reconciles Mission Capable (MICAP) status; teams w/AFMC, system program and item managers
- Itemizes Tail Number Bin (TNB), Supply Point, Time Change and Facilitating Other Maintenance (FOM) areas
- Manages Global Hawk (GH) bench stock account--ensures integrity of Standard Base Supply System (SBSS)


- Mbr of CENTCOM's first all AF customs team; spt'd clearance of 342 pax--reduced transit wait time by 9-hrs

- Controlled $80M in classified assets; oversaw/monitored wkly inventory--maintained accuracy/zero incidents

- Coord'd waste buster insp; recovered over 250 items valued at $600K--returned critical assets to AF inventory

- Meticulously inventoried 31K+line items/ $300M fixed 2500 discrepancies saved AF 305K/accuracy rate 95%

- Warehouse bin row crew chief; validated 5.7K items valued at $1.9M--achieved 98% inventory accuracy rate

- Conducted command directed stock screenings; inspected >24 items valued at $50K--zero defect items in stock

- Aided w/TCTO Inventory/reconciliation; corrected 80+ whse/backorder discrepancies--100% accountability

4. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS (For SSgt/TSgt also consider PME, Off-duty Education, Technical Growth, Upgrade Training)

- Exceptional ability to learn new methods; trn'd 4 hrs on skid steer-- >119" snow removed for msn req'd routes

- Engaged LRS resolve on trng non-progression; aligned 12 sections w/master plan--62 Amn now on career path
- Oversaw nine whse validations/inventories; authenticated 88K assets/$82M--95% FY10 inventory accuracy
- Supervised Random Length prgm; 70 line items/$13.4K validated--zero findings during three whse inspections
- Reorganized 6K elastomeric items/$15K; followed first-in/first-out directives--zero org refusal/sortie delays
- Coordinated w/ two acft maintenance units; pulled/issued 18K items/$280M from inventory--15K msn flown

- Screened/verified 34 MICAP requests; ID'd/corrected 15 incorrect part orders--slashed shipping time by 50%
- Prep'd daily SITREP slides for EMXG/CC; dev'd real-time part tracking--vital to 95% AOR msn effective rate

- Exceeded training standard EOC done 3 months early/5 months ahead in task qualification

- Managed IREP program; enabled repair process for 240 MICAPS/briefed MXG commander--saved AF 20M

- Executed supply support for 472 F-15 acft--efforts yielded 34K combined sorties--achieved 73% MC rate

- Led end-of-year post-post recovery for inbound; processed/distributed 437 priority assets--zero discrepancies
- Directed work center efforts; directly contributed to processing 60K receipts worth $1B--100% accuracy rate
- Validated 2K/$4M requisitions; verified requirements/canceled 127--saved $245K requisition/shipping cost
- Overhauled Supply Discrepancy Report program; reviewed 474 submissions--recovered $600K for stock fund
- Aggressively researched three missing assets; prevented report of surveys--saved $900K in potential losses
- Ensured processing 500 weapons; assured delivery within 4-hour limit--total control
- Revamped Manas AB Supply Discrepancy Report program; analyzed 8 data bases; recovered $100K for stock fund
- Worked 376 AEG/CC high priority weapons rack requirement; coordinated with USCENTCOM--expedited shipping
- Coordinated with Scott AFB to increase de-icing fluid levels--avoided emergency requisitions

- Oversaw inventory/replenishment of benchstock items--parts readily available/reduced parts wait time by 35%


- Executed ground support for 5.5K acft; yielded 178K sorties/5M FMC hrs--expanded global reach capabilities

- Developed partnership w/Air Logistics Center; expedited 164 requisitions--reduced AGE requirements 30%

- Repositioned 15K AGE assets; slashed fleet operating commitments by $500M--empowered 6K F-15 missions

- Facilitated delivery of $7M ground support requests; reduced AOR backorders 10%--averted operation delays

- Heightened readiness; secured 55K MICAP requisitions/redirected $50M in assets--impacted 410K flying hrs

- Resolved 120 ground radar MICAPs; reallocated parts in forward supply accounts--averted 4.9K MICAP hrs

- Bolstered after-hours OCO spt; fulfilled MICAPs/$435M for 25 AOR bases--provided 100% customer support

- Managed 624 F-16 aggressor spt rqmts for 757 AMXS--bolstered 2K Red Flag sorties/zero supply deviations

- Scrutinized 3K open MICAP incidents; 8K erroneous hours deleted--balanced historical files for 108 accounts

- Procured 207 critical rqmts/$3.3B for 538 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles--garnered 91% MC rate

- Meticulously monitored cargo movement; honed critical asset tracking skills--slashed transportation time 35%

- Superb customer spt; aided 5.6M shipments to commercial carriers--cut transit time 75%/saved 2K MICAP hrs

- Facilitated $235K vehicle supplies; reduced TNMCS--advanced AOR 98% MC rate/bested OEF/OIF 91% std

- Seasoned supply talent w/amazing track record; sourced/acquired 30K MICAP assets--pivotal to OCO success

- Analyzed 20 FW deployment requests; reduced 30 engine backorders--enabled 458 F-16 sorties...2K hrs flown

- Selected to assist contingency ops; processed 3.5K shipment action requests--yielded 2.5% AGE TNMCS rate

- Zealously supported 7.7K AOR vehicles/$997M; shipped 150 MRAP items--helped save warfighters' lives

- Contractor relations whiz; coordinated 2 day delivery of 8 MQ-1 MICAPs--enabled 20,000 OIF combat hours

- Instrumental in MRAP employment; loaded/expedited 10 455AEW MICAPs--45 vehicle fleet/100% MC rate

- Executed express delivery for 5 ATCALS assets; cut 52 FW radar down time 75%--facilitated safe flying zone

- Crucial key to comm set-up; drove 10 TPS-75 radar line-items--established 606 ACS combat control data link

- Researched 407 monthly backorders; located/shipped 34 vital assets--reduced MICAP O&ST from 6 to 4 days

- Task driven; cut 52 FW MICAPs 10% in 30 days; raised targeting pod MC rate to 90%--OEF/OIF taskings met

- Interrogated ALC/DLA systems; monitored release of 2K critical parts--increased asset release time by 24 hrs

Primary/Additional Duties

- Created MICAP delivery log, monitored 2000 MICAP transactions--ensured zero delivery discrepancies

- Diligently worked 2K monthly bench stock issues; on-time delivery--attained 97% bench stock availability rate

- Accurately processed 497/$20M msn capable assets; directly supported 3,114.9 flying hrs/727 sorties in FY09

- Accurately processed over 2K supply transactions; $22M in parts/key to generation of 16 acft during WIC tdy

- Tracked/managed 800+ MICAPS valued at $44M; reduced work stoppage; contributed to wing's 94% MC rate

- Meticulously inventoried TNB/FOM daily; managed 100+ assets; improved QA pass rate to 100%, Dec 2009

- Updated daily MICAP slide; kept supervision updated--drove key decisions increasing fleet MC rate over 3%

- Replenished 125 shop stock line items; added 35 items not maintained on base--averted maintenance delays

- Safeguarded 195 classified assets worth $42M; enforced strict handling procedures--zero security violations

- Coordinated w/cann dock to fill readiness spares package; replenished 13 items--kit stocked 100% for TDYs

- Reorganized 2K line items benchstock; items inspected/28 shelf-life extended; prevented 20 Micaps in January

- Issued/turned in 1400 DIFM items valued at $16M; achieved 40% turnaround rate; 8.8 TNMCS/ACC std 10%

- Flawlessly processed/tracked 140 Form 9’s valued at $1.5M; shops replenished--zero mission degradation

- Processed 4,787 supply transactions; ordered 21K items valued at $500K--supported 19 orgs/2.5K customers

- Revamped entire warehouse; increased storage capacity by 80%--enabled storage area for tools worth $61K+

- Engineered backorder database log; tracked all order status--increased asset accountability from 15% to 100%

- Spearheaded priority HQ ACH tasker; Insp'd 95 helmets in 48 hrs--200+ deployed CE Airmen combat ready

- Staunch control of Hazmat; TIN 98 gallons of flammables and excess hazwaste--ensured safety compliance

- Created accountability log; tracked over 200+ customer hand receipts--increased self-help return rate by 73%

- Outstanding performer; recognized by rarely bestowed AFRC Commander’s coin for his “can do”contributions

- Provided After-Hours ops spt; issued 12K critical assets/$5.4M; contributed to mx 80% Mission Capable rate

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