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Air Force EPR Bullets by AFSC/Additional Duty

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ADPE Monitor

Airshow bullets

Building Custodian

CCAF Examples, CCAF 2, CCAF 3


Chaplain's Assistant

Command Chief Executive Assistant

COMSEC Custodian



Honor Guard




Maintenance Operations Center (MOC)

Prisoner Escort/SP Augmentee


Quality Assurance

Resource Advisor

Retreat/Change of Command

Security Manager

T.O. Monitor


Unit Deployment Manager

Unit Health Monitor

Urinalysis Observer


1A2X1 Aircraft Loadmaster

1A7X1 Aerial Gunner

1C0X2 Aviation Resource Management

1C1X1 Air Traffic Control

1C3X1 Command Post

1C4X1 Tactical Air Command and Control

1C7X1 Airfield Management

1N0X1 Operations Intelligence

1N1X1 Imagery Analysis

1N3XX Cryptologic Linguist

1N4X1 Network Intelligence Analysis

1N5X1 Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation

1P0X1 Aircrew Equipment/Life Support

1S0X1 Safety

1T2X1 Pararescue

1U0X1 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Sensor Operator

1W0X1 Weather

2A0X1 Avionics Test Station and Components

2A3X3 Tactical Aircraft Maintenance

2A3X8 Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance

2A5X1 Aerospace Maintenance

2A5X3 Integrated Avionics Systems

2A6X1 Aerospace Propulsion

2A6X2 Aerospace Ground Equipment

2A6X4 Aircraft Fuel Systems

2A6X5 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

2A6X6 Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Systems

2A7X1 Aircraft Metals Technology

2A7X2 Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)

2A7X3 Aircraft Structural Maintenance, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

2A7X5 Low Observable ASM

2E1X1 Satellite Communications & Telemetry

2F0X1 Fuels

2G0X1 Logistics Plans

2M0X2 Missile and Space Maintenance

2M0X3 Missile and Space Facilities

2R0X1 Maintenance Management Analysis

2S0X1 Supply Management

2T0X1 Traffic Management

2T1X1 Vehicle Operations

2T2X1 Air Transportation

2T3X1 Vehicle Maintenance

2T3X2 Special Vehicle Maintenance

2T3X7 Vehicle Management and Analysis

2W0X1 Munitions Systems

2W1X1 Aircraft Armament Systems

3A0X1 Information Management

3C0X1 Communications-Computer System Operations

3C2X1 Communications-Computer System Control

3D0X1 Knowledge Operations Management

3D0X2 Cyber Systems Operations

3D0X3 Cyber Surety

3D0X4 Computer Systems Programming

3D1X1 Client Systems

3D1X2 Cyber Transport

3D1X3 Radio Frequency Transmissions Systems

3D1X4 Spectrum Operations

3D1X6 Airfield Operations

3E0X1 Electrical Systems

3E0X2 Electrical Power Production

3E1X1 Heating, Ventilation, A/C, and Refrigeration

3E2X1 Pavements and Construction Equipment

3E3X1 Structural

3E4X1 Utilities Systems

3E5X1 Engineering

3E6X1 Operations Management

3E7X1 Fire Protection

3E8X1 Explosive Ordnance Disposal

3E9X1 Emergency Management/Readiness

3H0X1 Historian

3M0X1 Services

3N0X1 Public Affairs

3N0X2 Radio and Television Broadcasting

3P0X1 Security Forces

3S0X1 Personnel

3S1X1 Military Equal Opportunity

3S2X1 Education and Training

3S3X3 Manpower & Organization

4A0X1 Health Services Management

4A1X1 Medical Materiel Specialist

4A2X1 Biomedical Equipment Technician

4B0X1 Bioenvironmental Engineering

4C0X1 Mental Health Service

4D0X1 Diet Therapy

4E0X1 Public Health

4N0X1 Aerospace Medical Service

4N0X1C Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT)

4N1X1 Surgical Service

4P0X1 Pharmacy

4R0X1 Diagnostic Imaging

4Y0X1 Dental Assistant

41A Healthcare Administrator

43H Public Health

46X Clinical Nurse

5J0X1 Paralegal

5R0X1 Chaplain Assistant

6C0X1 Contracting

6F0X1 Financial Management/Comptroller

8B100 Military Training Leader

8C000 Airman & Family Readiness Center NCO

8F000 First Sergeant

8M000 Postal Specialist

8R000 Recruiter

8S000 Missile Alert Facility Manager

9U100 AFSC Not Assigned

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