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5R0X1/Chaplain Assistant EPR Examples

- Accepted position untrained for--skillfully executed all duties while assigned as Chaplain Assistant

- AFSO 21 advocate; enhanced HC/facility req process; halved response time--nailed 106 reqs spt'g 12K mbrs

- Assisted the needs of 1100 wounded warriors, served over 100 patients/staff through counseling and intervention

- Care for caregiver; empowered ropes/reduced HC coverage at SMC, 23 hrs wkly--family life now top priority

- Combined 26 chapel pgms; staff focus now on core activities--HC staff/pgms now touch 8000 jt base lives/mo!

- Conducted services during Camp Black Horse Mayor's Prayer Breakfast; touched over 100 lives

- Consummate team builder/player & community magnate; built premier HC team--new ties w/13 base agencies

- Coord'd Charleston 5th Anniversary Gospel Extravaganza--involved 200+ active duty and civilians in worship/fellowship

- Coordinated two memorial services simultaneously and followed up with pastoral care to unit members

- Coordinated, distributed over $10,000 in baseball and other sports equipment to Iraqi Boy/Girl Scouts

- Created/implemented 7 JB MDL operating instructions/forms--foundation to vital JB ops b/w Army/Navy/AF

- Delivered 15 re-integration briefings, assisting approximately 850 transient medical patients

- Demonstrated diligence in all aspects of the Unit Ministry Team mission; increased Wing effectiveness

- Developed and delivered the religious and cultural awareness briefing provided before deployments

- Directed chapel facility reorg; max'd facility use for 5 chapels/350 pgms yrly; ensured mtg space for 2K+ wkly

- Drive/passion for msn; expanded profession thru ldrship courses, OJT on JB MOA/COLS--helped 25 mbr staff

- Drove IRC process for 149 vols; sustained chapel's reputation--zero incidents--1.2K kids safe...parents happy!

- Dynamic ldr; coord'd logistics spt'g 5 Wgs/88 msn partners; boosted 350 HC svcs/events & spiritual readiness

- Enhanced ministry awareness through an aggressive program of unit visitation; reached 100% of base

- Established a Chaplain work site office; expanded the spiritual fitness of 1300 joint personnel

- Established AD/IMA readiness tng/tracking pgm--500% improvement; requirements for 30 mbrs now at 100%

- Gave bi-wkly Ready/Reintegration Brief; ensured mbrs/dependents' spiritual fitness--smooth transition for 480

- Honed cmbt readiness; clinched ancillary trng & life-saving skills--100% ready in 30 days w/ high ops tempo

- Informed/systematic children/youth ldr; drove 81events--catapulted spiritual growth/awareness for 942 youth

- Key contributor for 1st JB Special Observances Committee--3 events built populace morale for 518 attendees

- Key to the successful deployment and mobilization of the TF 28 MED Religious Support Team (RST)

- Led in-house tng for 21 mil/civ; familiarized staff w/ JB MOA/AFI/local OI policies--pushed jr ldrs' develpmt

- Led spt--Joint Nat'l Prayer Bkfst 2011; 255 uplifted/encouraged--integrated Army/Navy/AF spiritual readiness

- Managed a budget of 200K dollars, provided financial oversight for five solvent chapel programs

- Managed a world-class Protestant religious edu program, over 1200 participants: 20% increase over 2009

- Managed upkeep of 6 JB infrastructures; self-help projs/320 wrk orders--saved $155K; enhanced worship svc

- Masterful mgt of HC restructure; 10 key staff/51 UCI functions retooled/crafted HC Start Plan--100% on-time

- Mentored 528 mil & civ vols/lay ldrs/contractors; expertly managed msn rqmts--heightened spiritual resiliency

- Organized, conducted Combat and Operational Stress Reaction (COSR) class for 100+ Navy members

- People 1st! Org'd 28+ crisis intervention counselings; made pos impact; assured jt/unit cohesion; saved lives

- Planned, arranged, and helped lead two retreats in the Chaplain's absence--produced noticeable effect on morale

- Planned/developed/executed CCAC chapel volunteer training pgm/operations manual--educated 28 volunteers

- Professional poise directly contributed to Camp Humphreys Chapel "Excellent" rating during 09 inspection

- Promoted the physical and mental well-being of all members and ensured the success of the team

- Provided qualified, seamless religious service and support to coalition forces throughout Iraq

- Provided unparalleled support to 3 subordinate Religious Support Teams deployed across Southern Afghanistan

- Researched five successful chapel singles programs--developed growth experiences for 60 Airmen

- Resilient! Top notch performance during austere manning; 12 80-hr work wks w/50% manning--dynamic ops

- Revised, improved Religious Support Team OI and annexes that govern theater operations by TF MED Religious Support Teams

- Secured $40K for Marriage Care; led 3 retreats...146 mbrs/spouses; improved jt relations--Wg CC coined her

- Seized initiative in the Sq Suicide Prevention Training Program; orchestrated classes, served as primary instructor

- Selected for assignment as Senior Enlisted advisor and Chaplain NCOIC for Multi-National Force-Iraq

- Sole administrator--$928K CTOF & APR funds--AMC's largest pgm; ensured distribution/100% pgm success

- Superb professional; on target for multiple reqs/complaints; exuded pos/can-do attitude--unequaled tri-svc spt!

- Tng guru! Worship spt for 5 chapels/12 svs standardized; duplication eliminated; 450 vols inspired to serve

- Trained and qualified 11 Airmen to serve as Service NCOs and counselors for the Family Support Center

- Volunteered over 40 hours to serve hot meals during operation Golden Medic 2010; positive results evident

- Wrote 1st JB Religious Ministry Plan in DoD--new coord/cooperation for 60 jt base chaplains/assistants/staff

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